Volunteer Opportunities




Serve as an attendant in the bookroom after Sunday morning service and occasional Thursday evening service. Help find items for sale and handle cash box (require at least 6 months attendance and must be an SRF Lessons Student.)


Vacuum all rooms in building, dust surfaces and clean bathrooms and kitchen.

Building Maintenance

Work on a variety of maintenance projects and perform routine checks.

Community Service

Organize collection drives for local non-profits such as the Oregon Food Bank.


Write and edit articles, take photographs, compile inspirational sayings or humor. Research and interview for stories.


Arrange and maintain fresh flowers for regular weekly services. In addition, create beautiful garlands for special commemorative services throughout the year.


Greet attendees at the Sunday services. (Requires 6 months attendance and SRF Lessons study.)


Assist with preparing for the monthly socials, potlucks and/or social events.


Maintain the grounds. Help with various gardening duties such as weeding, planting and watering.


The Harmonium player leads chanting of the Cosmic Chants for meditations and services. (Requires 6 months attendance and SRF Lessons study.) The Kirtan Group leads chanting for commemorative services, long meditations and one day retreats. Kirtan is devotional chanting accompanied by traditional Indian musical instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, cymbals, bells and tanpura.

Service Reader

Conduct reading services using guidelines from the SRF Manual of Services. (Must be a Kriyaban and attending Center services regularly.)

Sunday School

Work as a Sunday School teacher or aide. the Sunday School includes children ages 3-12 years. (Teachers must be a Kriyaban; aides must be SRF Lessons student.)


Open and prepare chapel for services. Admit attendees through door during services and collect offering. Close Chapel after services. (Requires 6 months attendance and SRF Lessons study.)

Volunteer Chair

Provide information to devotees about volunteer opportunities. Contact volunteers regarding tasks. Communicate with committees concerning their volunteer needs.


Work with webmaster to learn how to maintain and update the Center's website.